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Purveyors of fine royal, ancient, or lost apothecarial discoveries.





An exclusive collection of four fragrances, 

bringing pleasure to the wearer.

A comprehensive line of skin treatment formulas 

for supplementing the age-added and environmentally abused body surfaces.

Our fine fragrances & luxury treatment formulas may be purchased at:


 Resolve your luxury with cutting edge science & trended historical reference.

Fragrance serves to enhance your mood and promote a sense of well being.
It distinguishes your presence and refines your image.
Distinctive scent character lingers in the beholder’s memory.

Arm’s-length redolence is sufficient.
Less is more.

The fragrance character becomes your own.
Choose carefully and spend well.

When advertising beckons, remember mass is not class.




How rare are these fragrances?

Of over one billion fragrance wearers on the planet,

only a select few have uncovered our secret.

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